Torel Palace Porto

Your 5-star boutique hotel in the heart of Porto

True luxury has a name: Torel Palace Porto.

Our elegant palace, in the heart of Porto , is housed in a stunning mansion, which we transformed into a charming, five-star hotel , with 24 rooms and suites, a restaurant, a pastry shop and a swimming pool.

At Torel Palace Porto we have a total of 11 rooms and 13 suites , divided into 8 different categories , some of them with balconies, views of the pool or the city.

The concept:

To honor the most iconic Portuguese writers and poets.

It was not necessary to pull your head, but just look up, to discover what the inspiration for this project would be: the portraits that appear on the ceilings in the rooms on the 1st floor set the tone for the hotel's concept: the literature. This is how you build a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel, in which its 24 rooms and suites pay tribute to illustrious men and women of letters from our country.

All over the hotel, from the common spaces to the rooms and from the reception to the restaurant, there are books, especially old ones, on small tables scattered in some corners, in the rooms, the most visible place being the installation on the library ceiling, with books as if they were stars. Learn more.

The mission of honoring Portuguese writers and poets is extended to the Blind restaurant, which claims to be a tribute to the work of José Saramago: "Ensaio sobre a Cegueira", and to Florbela Pâtisserie, a French-inspired pastry shop that pays homage to Florbela Espanca.

A mansion deserves princely rooms and there is no shortage of grandeur here!

At room decoration, portraits, painted by Jorge Curval, they reveal the identity of the authors, who give their name to each room.

However, the most surprising element, and the one that breaks with everything else, are giant cubes, entirely covered in mirrors, planted in the center of some of the rooms. They look like an artistic installation, causing a game of reflected images, which may confuse the less attentive, but they have a very precise function: they are bathrooms.

What our guests say about us...

We work every day to offer you the luxury experience you deserve. See what our guests liked most!



The mission of honoring Portuguese writers and poets is extended to the Blind restaurant, which stands as a tribute to the work of José Saramago: "Blindness".


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