Suite Deluxe - Alexandre Herculano
Suite Deluxe - Alexandre Herculano

Alexandre Herculano


{March 28, 1810, {Lisbon, Portugal} – September 13, 1877 {Santarém, Portugal}}

In our Torel Palace Porto, a boutique hotel in the center of Porto, we dedicate and celebrate Alexandre Herculano with a Suite Deluxe, with an outdoor bathtub, balcony, and pool view.

The room was decorated by the designer Isabel Sá Nogueira.

Located on the first floor, this Suite has a double/twin bed, and it is the only one in our palace with an outdoor bath. The bathroom is based in the center of the room, inside a large, mirrored cube.

Jorge Curval was the one who portrayed the author.

39 m2
Double or twin bed
Outdoor Jacuzzi
Pool view
Nespresso coffee machine
Mini bar
Free WiFi
Air conditioning
Occupancy: up to two people.


About the writer...

Alexandre Herculano de Carvalho e Araújo was a Portuguese journalist, historian, and poet.

Growing up, he was marked by the events of his time: the French invasions, English rule, and liberal ideas, which would lead to the 1820 Revolution. In addition, his father went blind when Herculano was 17 years old, unable to support his family., preventing the poet from pursuing university studies.

Together with Almeida Garrett, he is recognized as the introducer of Romanticism in Portugal, having as main themes the incompatibility of man with the social environment. However, his greatest contribution was in the field of History since Alexandre Herculano is considered the first Portuguese modern historian. Today, it is buried in the Jerónimos Monastery, in Lisbon.

Some of his main works:

O bobo (1943);
Eurico, o prestyber (1844);
História de Portugal (1846-1853);
Lendas e narrativas (1851).

“Give to the passions all the ardor you can (…), to the senses the maximum energy and you will convert the world into paradise, but take the woman out of it, and the world will be a melancholy waste, delights will only be the prelude to boredom... ” - Eurico, the Presbyter , Alexandre Herculano.

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